Captain Livingston has been selecting up broken cables in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans for twenty-two years, and he knows the worth of time in such an emergency. Full speed ahead he drove the John IF. Mackay from the Bay of Fundy for the Grand Banks. Thirty miles in the earthquake's epicenter, he and his navigating officer shot the sun and compared benefits. Around the bridge, the officer on watch was obtaining the depth with a sonic depth-finder, the apparatus that sends sound impulses into the water in order that they strike the bottom and are caught panerai replica watches , because it were, on the rebound. The depth is measured from the length of time it requires for the echo to return for the surface.

On the deck below, others have been sounding with all the time-honored lead and obtaining a sample in the bottom. The lead checked together with the sonic depth-finder, and also the sextant observations checked together with the chart along with the soundings. So far, so fantastic cheap replica panerai watches ; we had been within 4 miles with the cable. But the sample with the bottom was not so reassuring; rather of slimy, black mud, which they constantly had identified at this spot, it was dark-brown clay! Had the earthquake changed the bed from the Atlantic to such an extent? Or had a landslide of unheard proportions occurred, burying the cable

WE Had been directly more than the westerly edge of the wonderful submarine trough that runs in the mouth of the St. Lawrence River out into the Atlantic. Skippers of liners and Newfoundland fishing boats stated "the ocean bed had dropped away"; that they were no longer capable to attain bottom with their sounding lines. Plainly there was some exaggeration within this statement, for Captain Livingston discovered bottom at 1,650 fathoms, precisely the same figure that appeared on the chart. And correct above the epicenter, at that!

Splicing a Cable in Mid-Atlantic (Aug, 1930)

Splicing a Cable in Mid-Atlantic

The author of this article went as a member of the crew on the cable ship as a way to get this vivid, first-hand story for you.

Photos by Author

TORN and twisted, an ocean cable last winter lay buried below a layer of clay two miles beneath the gray-green, foam-capped waves with the Atlantic, 3 hundred miles east of Halifax panerai watches fake . It was shattered by the terrific earthquake that shook the Atlantic seaboard for any distance of 1,000 miles and put out of commission about half on the underwater communications between the United states and Europe.

In New York and London, cable executives and engineers held hurried conferences; sent out urgent wireless messages to their cable-repair ships in different parts of your planet. For many years I had been asking yourself how a broken cable was fished out of mid-ocean and spliced. Here, at final, was my opportunity to find out the job carried out. I shipped as a member of the crew aboard the John W. Mackay, the Commercial Cable Company's vessel, commanded by Captain Livingston.

Luck was with me. copy panerai watches With the eight repair ships called towards the scene from points as far away as Panama and London, our boat was the first to attain the earthquake's epicenter, the point around the ocean floor directly above the origin of the disturbance.

The location on the break was determined to within a few miles by delicate electrical devices in New York and Newfoundland cable offices. This they did by measuring the resistance and the capacity of your broken sections"the quantity of electrical energy they had been capable of holding"and comparing them with all the identified capacity and resistance on the cable ahead of it was broken. The exact latitude and longitude was then sent by radio for the cable-repair ship.

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