"Throw her over!" he shouted, plus the 300-pound grapnel fell with a plop in to the gray-green depths. Whilst the "flatfish" sank towards the bottom, the ship remained practically stationary. Then the engines were turned over gradually, and also the John W. Mackay drove ahead at significantly less than a mile an hour"greater speed may possibly have brought on the "flat-fish" to skip over the submerged cable swiss fake omega watches omega copy .

SOON the trailing line, using the substantial hook at the end, was describing an arc, omega best replica with the "flat-fish" itself dragging a mile astern from the ship.

The dynamometer started to register a slight strain, indicating that the grapnel was around the bottom, which was rather soft. There have been now about two,650 fathoms of cable-rope over the bow, and also the Captain stopped paying out. The deck crew lined the rail; they were the choose of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia fishermen"good boatmen and deck hands, and they discovered fishing for cable totally as fascinating as fishing for fish, and more lucrative. Even the skipper, who had watched thousands of grapnels go overboard, found the game as intriguing as ever. He had been around the job thirty-six hours, devoid of sleep; but that was not at all uncommon.

It was time for a new watch, and though a group of fresh guys took their areas at the sheaves, I went on a tour of inspection with the ship using the chief electrician as my guide. Beneath the principle deck, I located a bewildering array of winches for winding in the grapnel rope; and below that numerous virtually unfathomable steel tanks, about thirty-four feet in diameter, in which numerous miles of cable and rope could be coiled. Inside the engine space, one fireman was doing the operate of six"and doing it more easily"for the John W. Mackay is definitely an oil-burner. The dining saloon was precisely like that of an Atlantic liner, only built on a smaller scale. The service along with the meals, by the way, have been equally as very good, and maybe somewhat far more "filling."

A dense fog gradually enveloped the cable ship. No additional observations had been attainable. But a mark buoy had been place over the side and anchored to the bottom. This buoy was six feet in diameter and capable of sustaining two plus a half tons. It was picked up when the climate cleared; meanwhile, "drives" had been made using the buoy as a guide.

Up within the bow, a group of sailors were bolting what looked like an enormous iron flat-fish, with reverse fins on its sides, to a clanking chain. This, in turn, was fastened to a jute-covered steel cable-rope, which was wound on drums below. As spray freezes promptly on deck in winter, a great deal of a cable ship's machinery is within the hold.

In the tip of the forward deck, exactly where any ordinary ship would have her bowsprit, the John W. Mackay has three enormous sheaves. More than one of these immense pulleys runs the grapnel rope. Fifty feet aft it runs over and beneath dynamometer pulleys. It is actually the dynamometer which registers the strain around the cable-rope. When the indicator points to 2,200 pounds, the captain could make certain that he has a "bite," that he has hooked the cable.

Shortly soon after two o'clock, the fog lifted and also the ship was at suitable angles to the broken cable and 4 miles distant. On the bridge Captain Livingston was giving the course towards the officer on watch. The exact position of your vessel was marked on the chart. best quality fake omega Then the Captain stepped down to the main deck.

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