"Got something!" he announced, briefly. Was it the cable broken by the earthquake, or among the lines abandoned years ago? Or had the grapnel buried its nose within the brown clay that now seemed to overlie the time-honored black mud? All eyes had been on the dynamometer. The indicator, which but a moment before had registered a strain of 1,600 pounds, was climbing to 1,800"2,000"2,400! This could imply but one particular thing"the cable!

THE quartermaster around the port deck, much less than thirty feet from the skipper u boat u1001 , grasped the levers of his engine-room telegraph, waiting for orders. They were not extended in coming.

"Stop her!".

Two hundred feet astern, in the bowels with the ship, the assistant engineer got the signal, and shut off each the port and starboard engines. From then on, they have been applied merely to steer the vessel.

"Ahead around the winch!"

The cogs began grinding. The ship had lost headway, fake watches for sale and started to reel drunkenly. Because the cable-rope came more than the sheaves, the skipper watched it with an anxious frown. There is lots of a slip 'twixt the clay and also the ship! No cable is ever deemed "hooked" till it can be on deck. The pressure down there in the stygian blackness is 4,350 pounds to the square inch.

As the cable-rope was wound upon the seven-foot drums, the ship was forced gradually backward, till ultimately she was nearly straight above the flat-fish hook, rather of a mile in advance.

At the finish of two hours of steady grinding, the deck watch, in rubber boots and oilskins, lined themselves up along the rail. Two of them tied several short lengths of rope to their suspenders. Slowly and very carefully the cable was brought from the depths, cartier replika till the chain attached to the grapnel came clanking more than the sheaves. Darkness had fallen, for it had taken three hours to reel inside the 3 miles of grapnel-rope. A deck-hand brought forward a cluster of electric lights, equipped with a reflector. Leaning more than the rail, he played his "spotlight" around the water at the bow. The tenacious flatfish hook was just breaking water, using the cable in its grip.

"Stop her!"

The smoking room, where checkers, chess, and bridge were played when the officers were off watch, had its piano, library, and phonograph. There was 1 galley for each officers and crew; an economical arrangement that also tends to forestall "kicks" in regards to the meals from the fo'c'sle. Above, on the principal deck amidships, were the officers' quarters, electrician's cable-testing space, wireless area, purser's office, and so forth. The crew numbered ninety-one"including myself. This can be one of several items that visit make the upkeep price of the vessel about $4,500 a week, for any cable-repair ship pays major wages and overtime. The cable with which she repairs breaks and faults expenses from $1,500 to $5,000 a mile. Which tends to make cable-laying a rather high priced proposition.

WE Have been nearing the cable line; at any moment now, one thing may take place. So the bow was the location for me. There I identified Captain Livingston sitting on the taut line, just abaft the sheaves"a cold, wet job, cartier replica paypal but the only strategy to detect the gradual tension and vibration that normally accompanies the hooking of a cable. The dynamometer, registering in a huge selection of pounds, might be relied upon only in extremely deep water. The indicator was swinging back and forth amongst 1,200 and 1,600.

For yet another half mile the ship drove gradually by means of the late afternoon haze, the skipper at his post around the jute-covered steel cable-rope. Suddenly, he became tense and grasped the rope with one hand.

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